HEATHER FOGLE NEHILA – Owner – Ms. Nehila specializes in regulatory compliance with TCEQ and coordinating with our team on improving the well systems to better serve our customers. She also assists in the weekly monitoring and testing of well sites for reporting purposes to TCEQ.  Ms. Nehila has her JD from Temple University in Pennsylvania and is a licensed C water operator with TCEQ.  

JOSEPH NEHILA – Field Support – Mr. Nehila is a licensed customer service inspector. These inspections require Mr. Nehila and other inspectors to look for potential contaminate cross-connections, and lead plumbing. He brings eighteen years of experience working with both NJDEP and USDEP.  Mr. Nehila owned a Wetland Mitigation Banking construction company on the East Coast before relocating to Texas. Mr. Nehila holds a masters degree from Concordia University.

TAYLOR WINTERSTEEN – Field Support – Mr. Wintersteen holds an A license in Groundwater and a B license in Wastewater from TCEQ, and he is also a Customer Service Inspector.  He oversees lab sampling for our water systems and assists with meter reading.  

DALE ELLINGTON - Field Support - Mr. Ellington brings to the water industry an extensive background in hospital facilities management.  He is adept in trouble-shooting issues in the field and resolving them quickly.  His knowledge of TCEQ regulatory requirements translates into resolving compliance matters with the public water systems.  Currently, Mr. Ellington is preparing for his D license certification for groundwater with TCEQ.

JOE ELLINGTON - IT - Mr. Ellington brings his background and experience with IT development and mechanical support. He oversees our data management as well as field support.

ANNIE BUCHANAN - Customer Support Specialist -  Ms. Buchanan works with the customers regarding billing matters on behalf of Champs Water Co. and Aggregate Water Services.  She is also adept with our mobile data collection software, sending reports to TCEQ and keeping our website current.

LEIGHTON MORELLA - Field Support- Mr. Morella is our newest operator in training with a background in laboratory testing in both the oil and water industries.